Concrete balconies



Stronger and lighter

Concrete Valley’s Ferrocement combines a unique mix of materials with fine mesh reinforcement to achieve an industry-leading high-strength formula that can create elements that are 70% lighter than standard concrete elements. The high-density surface has the added benefits of being less likely to develop micro-cracking, efflorescence and lime-bloom. This unique ability to design and manufacture elements that are both significantly stronger and lighter means that we can provide product solutions that might otherwise be considered impossible. A particularly innovative product solution is our precast concrete slide-on balconies that can be retro-fitted to the floor slab of an existing building.

This expertly engineered solution has been immensely popular amongst architects who are converting former brownfield sites for residential use. The ability to offer residents some valuable outdoor space can transform the desirability of a development, adding value and turning an ordinary project into one that is far more stylish and successful.

How can we help?

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