High performance concrete

High performance concrete

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of concrete elements that are stronger, lighter and more durable. By combining our unique high-strength mix of materials with fine mesh reinforcement, we can produce elements that are up to 50% thinner and weigh up to 70% less than standard concrete elements. Furthermore, the high-density surface is less likely to develop the phenomena of micro-cracking, efflorescence and lime-bloom. The unique combination of slim aesthetics, high performance, and significantly reduced weight, means our precast concrete elements can be used in a number of ways that would simply not be possible with standard concrete mixes.

Our High-Performance Concrete is ideal for cantilevered slide-on balconies, cantilevered concrete walkways, concrete cladding, concrete rainscreen façades … and numerous other applications where traditional concrete is just too heavy. Whether you need High-Performance Concrete (HPC), Glass-fibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC), our own Ferrocement, or another of our specialist mixes, the advantages go far beyond its versatility for use across different applications. By using less material, each element has a significantly reduced carbon footprint. What’s more, by specifying HPC in place of more traditional building methods at an early design stage, significant reductions can be made in the mass pilings, slab thickness and primary structure.

Our specialist teams are constantly researching new materials and developing new techniques to further push the boundaries of what’s possible with concrete. Our experts are happy to get involved at the early stages of a project to help identify areas where our high-performance mixes can add value, and they love a challenge. With state-of-the-art robotics, 5-axis CNC machines and our own manufacturing software, we are perfectly positioned to find commercially viable solutions to even the most challenging and complex projects.

How can we help?

Whether you’re an architect, contractor, developer, consultant, engineer or client, if you think we might be able to help with your next project, we’d be really pleased to hear from you. The earlier we are involved in a project, the better it is for everyone.